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More About Me


Being a natural-born seer without any guidance on understanding or using my abilities left me feeling lonely, different, scared, and very quiet(as I kept to myself). As my journey progressed and I desired to learn more, my world of the supernatural opened up in my early 20s. I began exploring and asked for guidance and clarity on what I saw. I also asked for wisdom on how to discern what was the truth, as I was coming out of religion. My world as I knew it unraveled as a new realm opened to me. I quickly became fully aware that there was so much more going on around us at all times. What if we could truly see all of it? I believe it would be overwhelming for us to try and comprehend what it all means. I believe everything is energy, and we are all connected by The Life Force(Infinite Light). This Light holds all things together. It is bright, pure, and full of unconditional love. Allowing this Light to flow through us aligns us with unlimited possibilities to show up in your life! 


I am passionate about helping you raise your energy, release heavy emotions/energy blocks, expand your awareness, and open up your intuition. You will receive practical tools and techniques that you can use in your everyday life to support your continued growth so that you can live from a place of awareness, connection, happiness, abundance, and love. 


After working with hundreds of people, I have found that most of my clients notice a change after our first Intuitive Healing session, which is super exciting for us! Many clients feel not only emotional changes but also physical changes, from losing weight to aches and pains disappearing (usually trapped emotions). When your energy is cleared and balanced, and you are In the Flow, you will perceive life from a different perspective, opening you up entirely and exposing you to unlimited possibilities! 


I am a student of and have been mentored by Christie Marie Sheldon and have completed her Advanced Intuition and Mentorship courses in energy work and healing. I am also a Certified Evidential Medium through Mark Irelands Program. I am here to provide guidance and support when you are ready to take that next step in healing. 

Are you ready to make a change? Schedule a FREE Discovery Call with me.

Areas of Expertise Include:

  • Clearing destructive emotional patterns and belief systems that you have acquired that no longer support you. These “Blocks” can actually paralyze you and make you feel stuck in Life.

  • Assist you in Clearing and Balancing your Energy Centers

  • Connecting with and meeting your Support Team, Your Angels, and Guides (Yes they DO exist)!

  • Aligning you with your Infinite Self (Because you are truly infinite) and bring you into a positive energetic Flow.

  • Mediumship: (Whoa! Yes, it’s real) Receiving an encouraging and/or healing message from a loved one who has transitioned over.

  • Space Clearing: Clearing the space in and around you of unwanted/ damaging lower energies and frequencies (like tuning a radio).

  • Past Life: Exploring and understanding energies that may be affecting you currently from previous experiences and then removing the ones that do not support your health and happiness.

"Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It   can only be changed from one form to   another." ~Albert Einstein.

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