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The Light?! What  am I   connecting to?   

The Life Force moves through and surrounds all things. It is what holds all things together. There are no words to describe this Life Force, and it is infinite light. This Light is bright, pure, and full of unconditional love. The Light can be any higher power you believe in (God, Source Energy, the Universe…), and you naturally connect to this frequency when you pray or meditate. This amazing Light connects you from above & below, flowing throughout your body where it meets in your heart and then expands out like a ray of sunshine around your whole body. You are an infinite being. You bring in Light from everywhere and expand it out, so your energy is giving and receiving simultaneously and allowing you to expand your power out into the Universe. Aligning you with unlimited possibilities to show up in your life! 


So, why wouldn't you want to connect to the Light?! Living from a connected place is where all the exciting stuff happens... That is where I choose to be!


One Who Is Connected To The Source Energy Is More Powerful Than A Million Who Are Not! ~ Abraham Hicks.

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