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Happy Clients

Ivana, Ireland

Monique, Utah

Yasmin, United Kingdom

Sophia coached me on the bankruptcy topic. I left totally understanding that on those dense energies around me I need to just walk away from what is not mine and not analyze or evaluate it. That was a really great aha. Sophia's energy and comments flow very smoothly. She is very informative and along with an energy upgrade she provides very helpful information for a very integrative experience.

A session with Sophia will upgrade your life! I've been struggling with bad circulation since childhood. I tried everything from wearing double socks to doing yoga but nothing seemed to work. After just one session with Sophia, the circulation in my feet and hands has improved drastically and I actually feel warmer in my body. Thank you Sophia, and looking forward to another session.

Sophia is so gifted, the reading I received was such a blessing and I am so so grateful for the POWERFUL healing I received from her. It is the best session I have ever had and I would recommend her 100 times over.

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