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Check and see if any of these apply to you... I CAN help you!

  • You feel stuck in many areas of your life.

  • You often notice you are worried, anxious, or uncertain about what life has in store for you.

  • You are feeling depressed and hopeless, working through grief and trauma

  • You're on autopilot, repeating patterns, and don't know why

  • You're ready to take back your power in ways that are empowering and exciting

  • You ARE ready to feel amazing in your body once and for all

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Welcome! Glad you are here...

"Coping with the aftermath of traumatic events can leave you feeling stuck, overwhelmed by emotions, anxiety, and burdened by physical issues that seem insurmountable. 

My approach uses therapy methods, healing modalities, intuitive guidance, and practical tools to assist your growth. Together, we'll dig into the roots of your trauma, emotions, and physical issues. My goal is to boost your energy, free you from emotional obstacles, and expand your understanding so you can live with more awareness, connection, happiness, and love.

If you're ready to take the next step towards healing and a brighter future, I'm here to support you every step of the way."


About Me

Hello, I'm Sophia Mecum, and it's a privilege to connect with you. Through the diverse roles of a wife to a first responder, a mother who has navigated the profound loss of a child to suicide, and a parent facing the complexities of a daughter's addiction and a personal experience of trauma, I've gained deep insights into the intricate challenges that we can encounter. These experiences have shaped my journey to healing and self-discovery.


My unique gift of intuition has become my driving force, guiding me to help others find healing and hope. This calling led me to specialize as an Intuitive Healer and Mentor. I can perceive, sense, and feel the obstacles that may keep you stuck and overwhelmed. I'm here to assist you in clearing these obstacles.

I bring personal understanding, experience, and a unique insight that sets me apart. My mission is to create a compassionate and well-informed space where you can draw upon the inner strength to heal, discover hope, and reconnect with the essence of who you are.

After working with hundreds of people, I have found that most of my clients notice a change after our first Intuitive Healing session, which is super exciting for us! Many clients feel emotional and physical changes, from losing weight to aches and pains disappearing (usually trapped emotions). When your energy is cleared and balanced, and you are In the Flow, you will perceive life from a different perspective, opening you up entirely and exposing you to unlimited possibilities! 

You are not alone on this path. Your healing journey is my priority, and I'm honored to be a part of your healing process.

Contact me today, schedule a Discovery Call, and take that first step towards healing and self-discovery!


Free 15min Discovery Call 

picture of Sophia Mecum

Accreditations & Associations 

Sophia Mecum is board-certified and a full member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, The International Association Of Therapists, the Complementary Therapists Accredited Association, and the Natural Healer Society. 

Sophia is certified in multiple natural healing modalities, Belief Coding, and Sound Healing and is an Affiliate Leader with Helping Parents Heal. She leads a group called AZ Healing Hearts. If you need support after losing a child,

please go to Helping Parents Heal. Org or contact me. 


Healing Session

In our session, I will blend elements of different healing techniques with intuition to facilitate profound emotional and energetic balance. These methods work holistically, addressing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being.

I use my hands to transmit healing energy while relying on intuition to identify and heal emotional wounds. This process helps your energy flow smoothly, harmonizing your body, thoughts, and emotions, allowing you to shed emotional weight and feel lighter.

Each healing session typically lasts around 50 minutes. Finding a quiet, comfortable space with minimal distractions is best for distance healing. We'll start with a brief conversation to discuss specific concerns and areas of focus, such as past issues, current challenges, or future fears. Then, I'll conduct a body scan to pinpoint areas needing attention. 

During the session, you may feel sensations like warmth, tingling, or gentle pulsing. Others may not notice physical sensations but often experience deep relaxation. Energy healing helps unblock and balance your energy, shifting you from a lower energy state to a higher one, allowing you to embrace love and the joyful opportunities life offers.

 *It's safe for anyone, including pets.**

Healing Session

Intuitive Session

Intuitive Sessions are amazing! This is where I tune in and follow my intuition. If you are open to exploring new areas or need clarity and direction on your journey. This is the session for you. Here are some places we can go into. 

Areas that could be explored:


  • You are clearing destructive emotional patterns and belief systems you have acquired that no longer support you. These “Blocks” can paralyze you and make you feel stuck in Life.

  • Assist you in Clearing and Balancing your Biofields.

  • Connecting with and meeting your Support Team.

  • Aligning you with your Infinite Self (Because you are truly infinite) and bringing you into a positive Flow.

  • Space Clearing: Clearing the space in and around you of unwanted/ damaging lower energies and frequencies (like tuning a radio).

Intuitive  Session


Happy Clients 

Learn How to Connect to  Your Inner Light!

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